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We place no reliance
On virgin or pigeon;
Our Method is Science,
Our Aim is Religion.
------Aleister Crowley

Yes folks, Pope St. Flatus Ignitus is a legally ordained minister and the Technopagan Church is a legally recognized church! No kidding!

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The internet is full of information, most of it garbage. The ToxicSurfer is dedicated to tastefully (or not so tastefully if I find the page particularly irritating) pointing out horrendously intelligent, stupid, obnoxious, strange, disturbing and irritating web sites and hold them all up to the kudos or ridicule they so justly deserve. Documenting such sites is part of the new field of "Blogger Archaeology".

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November 18, 2002

Ah! A site to behold, absolutely outstanding! This is a must see site!
Special thanks to: for calling this one to my attention!

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