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Toxic Links: The Dead Ends of the Internet

The ToxicSurfer's growing list of strange sites to be viewed by blogger archaeologist everywhere (clicking link open new window):

October 28, 2002

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


If you find these PETA people as whacked out as I do, nothing more needs to be said. If you donít, visit their site at and see for yourself. Clearly, these are people who have too much time on their hands. Are the totally gonzo? You decide for yourself.

Toxic Surfer Rating: Assinine. Animal rights above human rights. Overly Sensitive. Join hands with all the fury little animals and sing out-dated 60's protest songs, with people who if they ever got lost in the wilderness would be bear crap in four days. Sure, itís nice to be nice to animals, but one has to draw the line somewhere.

People Eating Tasty Animals


The perfect parody site for PETA is People Eating Tasty Animals located at This site will make any vegetarian simply recoil in horror! Great links to other sites. The perfect answer to anyone who is truly tired of hearing whining anthropomorphic ninnies who deny their omnivorous nature as human beings. Great sight!

Toxic Surfer Rating: Excellent. This site gets the Toxic Surfer Excellence AwardTM

Gnome Liberation Front


Another great site if you hate EnviroNazis, is the Gnome Liberation Front located at Truly remarkable site. If one does a web search for the "Gnome Liberation Front", there is an endless supply of links that lead to chapters of this organization. Some chapters seem to be concentrating on the humour of it all, while others are a bit more serious in that they don't blink at raiding garden shows in Paris in their quest to free Gnomekind.

Toxic Surfer Rating: Excellent. Another great site worthy of the Toxic Surfer Excellence AwardTM! Good job, guys!

October 26, 2002

Commentary -

It's actually an interesting site visit and a fun place to play. It's home to a number of over-sensitive liberal types who take offense at any criticism of their respective ideologies. If you not a bleeding heart, you will be verbally attacked. The same is true if you are the least bit conservative or have a shred of patriotism in you body. If you disagree with the prevailing ideology of the moment, you will be called every foul name in the book. Ad Hominem abounds. Expect to be harassed beyond the message board if these people ever find out who you are!

Before you visit, be sure to visit the parent site to get the full flavour of the experience before you dive into the evil dung-heap that is their forum,

I've been studying for about a week since I posted this entry here. It's most amusing. I've been accused of being any number of other gibers (people posting under erzats identities is a normal practice used to annoy and discredit other gibers). Flaming is the number one activity as far as I can see.

A visit is well worth the trip. If you are an arrogant liberal type who absolutely hates conservatives or anyone with whom you disagree, will give you ample opportunity to harass the handful of people that are right of centre. If you are a conservative, or anywhere right of centre, then you must definitely visit this site because the endless aggravation you can deliver to the liberals there will no doubt be an endless source of delight!

Tactical Warning: if you ignore anyone who tires to pick a fight with you, it irritates them to the point that they explode with anger! The further left on the political spectrum, the louder the explosion!

Toxic Surfer Rating for Mediocre but Fun! Fun! Fun!

Toxic Surfer Rating for Excellent. Toxic Surfer Excellence AwardTM.

*Special thanks again to a certain giber for creating the term "Blogger Archaeologist"

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