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Technopagan Discordia

New Technopaganisms to be added in the future as seen fit.

All Hail Discordia!

Book of Technopagans: Genesis Aborted
Updated December 12, 2002


"And Lo, it was beheld that things were more like they are now than ever before." ------St. Flatus Ignitis, The Grand Invisible Poobah, First Lord and High Pope of the Technopagan Church, Local 666


Life is like a giant toilet bowl: one flush and you're out of the game. If you're a really big shit, you'll never get out in one piece.
------Pope St. Flatus Ignitis


Holy, holy, holy, Jersey Central Power and Light
------Pope St. Flatus Ignitis


Beer is beer, unless it's green and got lumps, in which case it's probably tree frogs that you're drinking and not beer.
------Pope St. Flatus Ignitis


When in doubt, destroy all evidence that you ever attempted to do so at all.
------St. Robert, the Hobbit


For sale by owner: one planet, slightly used.
St, Robert, the Little Crippled Boy


USA, off sides!
St, Robert, the Little Crippled Boy


Easter has been cancelled - they found the body.
------Pope St. Flatus Ignitis, annual proclaimation


The Waste Paper theory of Civilisation: The complexity and organisation of a society, civlisation or bureaucracy is directly proportional to the amount of waste paper it produces.
------Pope St. Flatus Ignitis


The Killer Instinct Theory of Civilisation: The level of advancement of a civilisation is determined by how efficiently it kills.
------Pope St. Flatus Ignitis


I drink, therefore I am.
------St. John Cleesius Pythonicus


Thou shalt not have any other Dogs Before Me, for I am a jealous Dog.
------St. Angus the Boxer (------Pope St. Flatus Ignitis' dog, that is)


Do not be jealous because the voices in my head talk only to me.


All life is pain and suffering and anyone who says otherwise is trying to sell something.
------St. Caligula Califonicus


Just $.35 per day, less than the price of a cup of coffee, will feed infinitely more fund raisers than starving children in Ethiopia.
------Pope St. Flatus Ignitis


Entropic Gestalt Theory: when the whole is somewhat less than the sum of the parts.
------Transmitted by direct revalation to Pope St. Flatus Ignitus, HTPCHSDFJ, by divine flatulence.


A “Brain Fart” is so much more than “Divine Inspiration”; it is “Divine Flatulence”.
------Pope St. Flatus Ignitis


All men have the right to be stupid. Some people just abuse that right.
------Josef Stalin


It's hard to see your own face without a mirror.
------St. Dr. Phil


One’s belief in God should not be construed as an appreciation of his sense of humour.
------Pope St. Flatus Ignitis

To be continued..............................